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I have recently started getting into reading books again since I had a reading slump when had started college back in 2013. Now that I am a job seeker, I have more time to read on a personal note. I am a housewife, a mother to an adorable 5 year old almost 6 year old boy. I recently moved to North Carolina because Maui was too good to be true in book (My husband and I bought our first home ). The genres that I most likely read are YAs like Harry Potter, Carry on, etc. ( I don't think YA have age limit, not to me), Sci-Fi & Fantasy like The Mortal Instruments. Sometimes, when I'm in the mood I tend to read horrors if I want a good scare that will keep me up all night hehe. Or I would read thrillers and mystery to my mind boggled. Overall, my life filled with TBRs that need to be read. I love that Goodreads and Overdrive keep my love for books alive along with Booktubers and Bookstagramers as well.